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Interior Decoration: The Golden Rules For A Successful Decoration

Because trends have a limited lifespan, it is important to personalize your interior decoration by making the right choices and thus avoid having to redo your decor every year. Is not it? Remember, your interior is YOUR IDENTITY, your personality!

So, as an interior designer, I’ll give you some food for thought to help you make the right choices. Here are the right questions to ask yourself:

1. What subject (s) do you like?

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Marble
  • Wicker
  • The Seagrass
  • The leather

2. What colors do you like?

Note that the darker the shade, the less likely you will get bored of it. There are over 1230 shades! so consult a color chart at a paint store, this will guide you. Or, an online color chart, but beware, web color codes distort the real perception of color. You will therefore still have to affirm your choices before committing yourself with a color chart or better yet, a sample.

If you ask a painter, you can order samples to perform tests directly on your wall for a better view of the final rendering. Knowing that the light in your room can change the perception of color, this is an important point! 🙂

3. What is the situation of your room?

Many errors in the choice of colors are related to the position of the part. Unfortunately, it is once your wall has been painted that you realize how uncomfortable it is. And there… you see yourself badly repainting this wall again and carrying out all these tedious tasks that it implies. So follow these tips to guide your choices:

For south-facing rooms: use a neutral or cold color to compensate for this too much light and make this room more pleasant, more cozy. Ideally, choose a dark shade on one or more sections of the wall to bring a cocooning side to your room.

For rooms facing north and therefore very little exposed to light: Preferably use a warm but light color predominantly and use materials that provide warmth such as wood for example. Textiles will also be welcome, accompanied by mood lamps. Especially remember to keep the white wall that receives the natural light from your openings, so that it can reflect throughout the room. You will gain in brightness. Also consider giving power to your natural light with mirrors. You have understood it, in this context, it is necessary to optimize the elements bringing heat to your room but also luminosity!

4. What are your constraints?

In interior design, we constantly discuss this point with my clients. What we call technical constraints are things like colors and materials to keep in the rooms, or the type of furniture. These points are decisive in creating the concept, the trendy board for your future layout. In your case, you will have to take into account, for example, the color of your floor, and / or the furniture you want to keep. Now you need to find the right color combination to blend harmoniously with your existing elements.

Choose a dominant color associated with one or two colors no more, so as not to overload your room and complete this atmosphere with the materials you like.

Once you are in touch with the colors and materials, you can now start looking for furniture 😉

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