How Long Does The Interior Design Process Take?

You have made the decision to design your dream home and are wondering how long the interior design process will take?

The interior design process is a complex solution that combines creativity, imagination, knowledge and resources in a harmonious combination that turns dreams into reality.

How long the design will take depends on a number of factors. Let’s take a better look at what to expect and when you can begin the planning process for moving into your newly designed home.

Understanding the design process in detail and understanding the estimated timeframe for work will avoid disappointments and false expectations, and will make your journey into the world of interior design more enjoyable.

Here is the ultimate guide to the interior design process for a residential project right up to the turnkey stage.

There are a few of the main stages of interior design, and their timeframes vary as follows:

Familiarize yourself with the designer and the initial design brief

The first stage when starting the design process is meeting with your designer and internally discussing your vision and requirements for the project.

In the initial meeting, you will discuss the nature of the project, is the design a villa, mansion, apartment, beach house, or perhaps you want to remodel a part of the current house? The location, the purpose of the distribution of the spaces, and here the construction drawings will be presented and the budget of the project will be discussed, and at this stage the importance of finding the best design solutions suitable for you.

Also, at this stage, you will establish a personal connection with the interior designer, which will assist you in choosing the style best suited for your particular project, and you will explore more of his work in greater depth to get some inspiration.

After the first design brief, you will give your designer an approximate time frame for completion of the project.

It is here that the magic begins, as the team of designers and engineers gather to start creating your dream home. This includes brainstorming when coming up with a design solution for the concept, graphics, patterns, materials, color schemes, and allocating and distributing space, to ultimately move to the next stage.

Presentation of the idea and design suggestions

An exciting moment when the concept and idea of ​​the future design of your project is presented with plans and panels matching your mood and requirements, with a full explanation of heights, samples to be used and discussion of all future interior details.

Interior design can be full and overwhelming with many possible options, and during hiring and meeting an interior designer, you can take advantage of their ability to explore unique decor elements, and any materials and their source to choose what is needed to develop your ideas into reality in a shorter time. Once you have approved the concept and proposed a preliminary design, your project will move to the next stage.

Space planning and architectural details

This stage includes the first architectural drawings with space planning and distribution, furniture planning, power points and switching power points. Professional advice: It is best to involve interior designers in the early stages if you build a new villa, so the designer coordinates these matters with the contractor to avoid mistakes, which will save you time and remove any restrictions on the required interior design.

In the same period, furniture designs and decor choices are taking shape. You can still make changes to your project at this point. And upon receiving the 3D designs, you will be able to see your future dream home in the complete picture.

Once you’ve approved the final design and its final budget, you’ll move to the final stage of the design project.

Implementation stage

It is at this stage that the arrangement and production of furnishings begins. Keep in mind that some items may take a long time to produce. It may take up to 3 months to receive all parts, furniture, checks and finishing, and this unexpected delay may affect the delivery time.

At the same time, preparation work will begin on the ground to receive the furniture and decoration on time.

After installation, finalizing the décor, handing over the project and a few formalities, you will be a fully satisfied and happy owner of the unique luxury interior design.

In conclusion, the time for the interior design process will vary depending on:

The size of the space, the chosen style, and the obstacles of the project. Of course, the period of designing a small villa or two-storey villas, or even the design of the palace, will not be the same.

Also, keep in mind that designing a high-quality villa requires more time, but with the expertise of the talented team of designers who guide you step-by-step through each stage, the process will be fun and accomplished at the fastest pace possible.

The estimated timeframe, which is completely subjective, may take from a few months to two years depending on the size of your project and your ambitions, but it is worth the wait when you get a gorgeous interior design.

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