Honesto: 2 Bedroom | 1 Bathroom | 6×7 m. | 42 Sq. m.

House Plan Details

  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • Living
  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • T&B
  • Porch
  • Service Area

Labor and Material Estimated Cost

The final build cost depends on the quality of the selected materials and where the building is located. There are two ways of estimating: detailed estimate and area method. We are using the area method since this is the fastest way without detailed drawing. By area method, just calculate the total floor area and multiply it from PHP 15,000 per square meter to PHP 20,000 per square meter. Thus, the house design estimation cost ranges from PhP 546,000 – PhP 840,000 ( USD 10,920 – USD 16,800 ). This is just a rough estimation. It is recommended to ask for cost estimates in detail from an Architect, Engineer, or Contractor.

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