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Felipe: 3 Bedrooms | 2 Bathrooms | 54 Sq. m.

Quality time is very essential among family members. Because of this reason, a unique house plan was made with inspiration from  Western and Eastern building patterns. This special feature is perfect for family bonding: an open courtyard. We don’t commonly see a Filipino home with such a design, so this house plan is an impeccable option for those who wanted to have a unique house. What can you do with an open courtyard? Tons of things! It is very functional, practical, and refreshingly good for your well-being. Furnishing the place simply, and it will be decently presentable.

This small house design idea is a three-bedroom detached house with a total floor area of 64.00 square meters. It has a U-shaped layout with the center-front portion as the open courtyard. The exterior has a vibrant and whimsical mood due to the color combination used. The windows have wider dimensions that add to the exterior aesthetics and function. With such broad windows, it is cost-effective because lighting and ventilation are sufficient. This house model has hip-type roofing that gives you a lot of advantages. It is commonly used because it is sturdier than gable types. All the sides are being covered with the slopes thus providing the house with more protection from hurricanes or rainfalls. It also has effective water drainage because of the slopes.

The interior in general gives off a relaxed ambiance. It is not heavily decorated or furnished, and the living, dining, and kitchen area has an open layout hence space was maximized. The two common toilets/bath are strategically placed on opposite sides for accessibility. The bedrooms have a serene interior as well to assist the residents with their needed rest and slumber.

House Plan Details

  • Open Courtyard
  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Bedroom-1
  • Bedroom-2
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • T&B-1
  • T&B-2

Labor and Material Estimated Cost

The final build cost depends on the quality of the selected materials and where the building is located. There are two ways of estimating: detailed estimate and area method. We are using the area method since this is the fastest way without detailed drawing. By area method, just calculate the total floor area and multiply it from PHP 18,000 per square meter to PHP 25,000 per square meter. Thus, the house design estimation cost ranges from PHP 972,000 – PHP 1,350,000 (USD 19,440 – USD 27,000). This is just a rough estimation. It is recommended to ask for cost estimates in detail from an Architect, Engineer, or Contractor.

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