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Decoration Ideas And Tips For Home Hallways

There must be corridors of different designs, shapes and spaces in every home, and despite being a link between the parts of the house, they are marginalized to a large degree by most people, and this space is often left empty without being used well. Interior designers have created various and ingenious designs for corridors decor ideas in the home, including simple elegant decors, modern decorations full of vitality and activity, as well as classic decorations. There are many decor ideas for home corridors according to the general decor of the house, including choosing the most appropriate wall decor ideas, taking into account the choice of paint color or wallpaper appropriate to the space, ceiling height and other factors. In this article, Arkix 3D will provide you with all the information about home corridor decor ideas in line with the latest interior decoration trends for homes.

Decoration ideas for home corridors

Many neglect the corridors just because they are not one of the basic rooms in the house, but we advise you to take advantage of them, whether they are narrow or wide, and you will discover that they were not only spaces to connect the rooms, but rather a space that can be used in several ways to make the most of it. If you are wondering about how to deal with narrow corridors or how to use the wide corridors, we mention to you below a set of ideas for designing corridors at home.

Decorating the walls of the corridors

Hanging mirrors

The use of mirrors in home decor is a very important element, and interior designers recommend adding them to the walls because they work to redistribute the lighting in the entire corridor, and it is an ideal choice for applying narrow corridor decor ideas because it reflects the feeling of spaciousness of the corridor. With regard to the shape of the mirror, we recommend that you search for a design that fits your home décor and matches the colors and areas of the walls.

Wall paint

When choosing the decor of home corridors, you must take into account the area of ​​the corridor, whether it is large or small, and if the space is small, choose light colors, such as white or pastel shades of pink and blue, and stay away from exaggerated dark colors, as well as avoid incorporating more than one color in Small corridor. If the space is large, there is no objection to using colors boldly and more freely, as you can paint the walls in a light color while choosing a dark color for only one wall, or cover the entire walls with wooden panels to give them more warmth.

Wall paper

Wallpaper is one of the most beautiful decor ideas for hallways, as you can choose calm colors from them to elegantly decorate the corridor of the house without narrowing the space, and we recommend that you use removable wallpaper if you live in a rental house. If you want to break out of the ordinary, use a home wall decorating ideas guide that may give you unique hallway decor ideas.

Panels and shelves

You can turn your corridor into a photo gallery with family photos or various artworks, which will add a touch of beauty and elegance. If you want to apply the idea of ​​hanging paintings at home, you should buy some picture frames of one color but in different shapes, and insert pictures inside and arrange them in a beautiful and elegant way on one of the walls of the corridor.

Interior designers have created various forms of wall shelves that are used for decorative purposes as well as storage, and it is worth noting that the number and sizes of shelves must be in line with the basic purpose of the corridors and their spaces, whether wide or narrow. In this shelf’s layout ideas, we put in your hands a set of tips that will help you choose the most suitable design for your home.

Lighting corridors

Dim modern lighting and classic breathtaking lighting play a fundamental role in expanding or narrowing the space, and there are many forms of home corridor lighting, most notably hidden lighting in the ceiling or walls, or lamps hanging on the walls in their modern forms, or even hanging from high ceilings to give it a clear luxury. It is necessary to add lamps, lampshades and other various lighting equipment to make the corridor decoration more luxurious and beautiful.

You can also put gypsum decor for corridors on the ceiling or on the wall with hidden lighting so that some colors and shapes appear beautifully on the walls, as gypsum panels are currently the most popular in the world of home corridors decorations.

Laying carpets in the hallways

Carpets help determine the overall appearance of the corridors due to their limited space, and give them an elegant and tidy appearance, as well as different types and shapes of carpets to suit all decors and spaces. Sparse geometric shapes homogeneous short and narrow lanes. To find out more about how to purchase rugs and how to put them at home, please click here.

Put accessories in hallways

We cannot forget the importance of home accessories, which are considered an essential part in the world of decoration, as they add a distinctive touch and give an aesthetic image to the corridors, as well as rooms, bathrooms and other parts of the house. Indoor plants are one of the most popular accessories in home decor, and large ones, whether natural or artificial, can be placed in the corridors, so that they become more lively and joyful. If the corridor area is large, it can be used by adding a small wardrobe or a bench with a distinctive design and suitable for the space. We recommend that you avoid placing the apparent accessories on the walls of narrow corridors, because they reduce the space.

We then conclude that simplicity in design is the best solution, and that the exaggeration in the use of accessories and the incorporation of many colors makes the corridor appear smaller and loses harmony and symmetry, so when designing any space, the pieces that will be placed in it must be taken into account, so that they are well utilized according to their purpose.

How can I use the hallways at home?

The use of corridors for storage is a popular thing for many, and here are some great ideas so that we can use this area beautifully, taking into account the space.

Cabinets and shoe racks

You can take advantage of the corridors in the house by placing a closet in a small size and elegant design, so that it gives the corridor a wonderful and distinctive shape and turns it into a practical space that you can use for storage and arranging things, and these are among the most prominent decor ideas for corridors. Small cupboards are best placed in the corridors that lead to the entrance to the house, an example is the shoe cabinet or the cupboard in which the coats are kept. As for narrow corridors, storage in them is in the form of shelves hanging on the wall, and it can also be in the form of small drawers or wall cabinets.

Library for books

If you are a fan of reading books and looking for ways to keep them at home, the library is one of the most beautiful decor ideas for corridors to take advantage of this unused space, which may be in the form of bookshelves or in the form of a wall cupboard. It should be noted that designing a library at home is not limited to reading lovers only, but its presence gives a feeling of comfort and relaxation, as well as a smart idea to encourage reading.

With this, we have finished our article on decorating ideas for home corridors and talked about how to take advantage of this unused space.

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