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Customize Your Ceiling: Tips And Ideas

Often neglected in favor of walls, the ceiling is nevertheless an interesting element in terms of layout and decoration, which can give all its character to a room. Depending on your desires, certain arrangements will be expected from the design phase of your future home.

1 – A luminous ceiling

Most often installed in bathroom or kitchen ceilings, recessed spots and led strips are a great tool as global lighting or as mood lighting in all rooms of the house.

The most used technique is that of the false ceiling which allows the cables to pass discreetly. This false ceiling is also an opportunity to create relief in your room and to integrate led ribbons, for decorative lighting in indirect light.

2 – A visual delimitation

The large open living rooms are pleasant to live in but sometimes lack structure and delimitation of the different spaces.

To avoid a visual cut and keep the “panoramic” side of the room, the ceiling can be used as a visual separation by integrating a wall, by changing its color or even its material.

2 – Highlight

In addition to visually separating the space, the ceiling can be used to stage a room and highlight its utility, its volume or draw attention to a particular place in the room like here, with the dining area.

4 – keep your head in the stars

The ceiling is also the ideal location to create a spatial and magical atmosphere in your living room or bedroom by creating a starry and bright sky thanks to dozens of mini-LEDs!

5 – Divert

A too common piece that lacks interest? The ceiling can make the difference! Indeed, an original ceiling can put a spotlight on a useful space but often little emphasized.

6 – Give cachet

Want the comfort of the new allied to the charm of the old? It is quite possible to choose exposed beams or even to lay false joists for a country house effect.

7 – Trompe l’oeil

Painting the ceiling in a dark color is not only aesthetic but also works as a trompe l’oeil! This visually expands the room while creating an intimate and cocooning decor.

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