1-Storey2-BedroomAll DesignsWith Roof Top

Christian: 2 Bedrooms | 1 Bathroom | 72 Sq. m.

People nowadays have varied inspirations when it comes to house designs, whether they’ll go for a homey and peaceful traditional house or a classy and unique contemporary house. For the latter one, Arkix3d has modeled a house design that would satisfy the client’s preference. This small house design idea is a two-bedroom detached house that has a roof deck extension. With such a color combination, this modern house appears to be substantial yet dashing.

On popular demand, a roof deck is a must for a family who opted their free time to be spent within their comfort zones, since going out adds up to their expenses. Not only this is cost-effective, but convenient and functional round the clock: getting your vitamin D or enjoying your morning coffee during early sunrise, drying your laundry during late mornings or noontime, enjoying outdoor activities during breezy afternoons, and chilling during cool evenings. For its access, a staircase is located on the right side of the house.

On the ground floor, there is an open layout for the living, dining, and kitchen area for space maximization to make it look bigger and for the residents to move comfortably. An exit door is also provided for emergency purposes and access to the backyard. The two bedrooms are considerably designed to help residents have that restful sleep to recharge from everyday hustles. Moreover, the windows are well placed to enable sufficient lighting and ventilation thus allows you to conserve energy.

House Plan Details

  • Porch
  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Bedroom-1
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • T&B
  • Roof Deck

Labor and Material Estimated Cost

The final build cost depends on the quality of the selected materials and where the building is located. There are two ways of estimating: detailed estimate and area method. We are using the area method since this is the fastest way without detailed drawing. By area method, just calculate the total floor area and multiply it from PHP 13,000 per square meter to PHP 20,000 per square meter. Thus, the house design estimation cost ranges from PHP 936,000 – PHP 1,440,000 (USD 18,720 – USD 28,800). This is just a rough estimation. It is recommended to ask for cost estimates in detail from an Architect, Engineer, or Contractor.

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