Building A Second Home: How To Make The Right Choices?

When building a house, whether it is a main residence or a second home.

Choose the location of your land

the location remains the number 1 criterion. And in the case of a second home, the stake is before everything to choose a location that will not tire you after a few years!

Beyond the choice between mountain, sea and countryside, be sure to check accessibility to your favorite leisure activities, but also to useful amenities for your daily life. Distance from the beach, the nearest supermarket, the presence of an ATM … So many details that will be important from day to day to make your vacation enjoyable!

Also remember to look at the means of transportation available to get to your second home. The more easily accessible your residence, the more often you will go and receive visitors!

Design the plans for your second home

If you’ve had your main house built, you’ve already gone through the design stage. However, be aware that if you are considering having a second home built, you need to review everything you thought you knew. Indeed, the criteria for designing your ideal vacation home are very different!

Number of bedrooms or bathrooms, size of the kitchen or dining area: the number of people to be accommodated is a first determining point in designing your space.

Also think about the profiles of your visitors! If you have grandchildren, they might be delighted to end up in a large dormitory. While your friends couples prefer a room of their own, even a small studio with a kitchenette!

Finally, if your second home is primarily a summer destination, it may be appropriate to focus on the exterior rather than the interior. Then install large bay windows to abolish the borders between living space and garden. You can also set up a summer kitchen and a covered terrace to enjoy all your meals outside … And forget about the indoor dining room in favor of a larger lounge area conducive to relaxation!

Think scalability!

Many people are considering converting their second home into a primary residence after retirement. A more than tempting project which must therefore be anticipated from the construction!

So, think from the start of the arrangements that will allow you to age with peace of mind in your home. Prefer single-storey houses where everything is accessible without having to climb stairs, and as a general rule prohibit any step whatsoever to access the porch, the garden or even the shower (the perfect opportunity to create a beautiful Italian shower!) …

And if your second home is upstairs, setting up a ground floor studio with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen is a priority!

Finally, also think about home automation by investing in a gate and automatic shutters that will save you a lot of effort. They can be linked to a remote monitoring system for perfect peace of mind!

Some tips for layout and decoration

A refined and luminous decoration

Nothing like an interior bathed in light to make it warm and friendly. For starters, and always with the aim of making room for your exterior, why not do without curtains? Unless there is a really annoying person opposite, this simple gesture will allow you to let in as much light as possible while offering you a perpetual view of the surrounding nature!

To make your interior even brighter and give it a “country house” spirit, then bet on a refined and natural decoration. White walls, rattan furniture, linen sofa …

Finally, don’t overload! A space that is too crowded is certainly not the place to relax, and that’s what you are here for.

Inside and out, think easy maintenance!

You don’t come on vacation to spend your time cleaning. So, when planning and decorating, think smart! On the ground, forget the solid parquet or the carpet, too tedious to maintain and prefer the tiles or the laminate parquet. In addition, avoid too light colors which spend their time revealing the slightest dust …

As a rule of thumb, assume that real wood needs to be waxed or varnished regularly. Likewise, stainless steel can be scratched easily (especially in the case of a sink) and the glass shows the slightest trace of lime. Think about it for the shower or the bathroom sink!

Also spare yourself some dust catchers like rugs, fabric suspensions or even curtains if they are not essential … As for knick-knacks, don’t overload or prepare to play with the feather duster!

Finally, outdoors, opt for sturdy, weather-resistant furniture and easy-to-maintain landscaping. For example, dressing your pergola with a wisteria is certainly very elegant, but also requires several summer sizes. Conversely, the shade sail requires no attention …

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