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Bughaw: 4 Bedrooms | 3 Bathrooms

For many obvious reasons, small house designs have become increasingly popular. A well-designed small house design can still be as good as a large house.  It can still provide comfort, at the same time, keep costs manageable. We are offering a modern touch of small house home plans that have become largely acceptable over the recent years.

Details: Masters Bedroom, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bedroom 3, T&B, T&B 2, T& B-MBR, Porch, Service area, dining area, living area, Kitchen,

Modern small house designs have been characterized by more recent trends. This house has maximized the available space to fit Masters Bedroom design. The small design of the house even more, accommodates more bedrooms. It brings about a modern sense of relaxation in a though it a small house design. 

This small house design has one master bedroom, and 3-bedrooms besides kitchen, dining, and living areas are combined together to make living space. The living space is connected directly to the sleeping space; thus no need for a hallway in this design. The house though small the design brings about convenience and connectivity for the family.

The one master bedroom small house home plan is standing in a property lot of 176 sq. meters. The lot measures 16.00 meters long and 11.00 meters wide. The usable building space is 84.00 sq. meters for the house. The service area and porch make the house plan impressive on the exterior layout alongside the interior layout. When we look at the one master bedroom small house, it is created with a good state of the art. It has concrete and masonry unique features that can withstand all climatic conditions.   The key features of the one master bedroom small home plan are

  • Relaxed front Porch with natural air and light
  • Appealing service area
  • Sleeping zone with one master bedroom and three bedrooms that provide privacy and comfort.
  • Open and free-living spaces with dining, living, and kitchen area.
  • Beautiful designed concrete masonry walls for all-weather climatic conditions.
  • Beautiful flower bed area.
  • Average sized doors and windows that offer the interior with proper ventilation and lighting.


The 1 Master bedroom small house design is indeed a good home plan for the family’s convenience, privacy, and connectivity. Because of the privacy and comfort it offers, the residence is favorable for a family that values 1 master bedroom small house designs.

Labor and Material Estimated Cost

The final build cost depends on the quality of the selected materials and where the building is located. There are two ways of estimating: detailed estimate and area method. We are using the area method since this is the fastest way without detailed drawing. By area method, just calculate the total floor area and multiply it from PHP 15,000 per square meter to PHP 25,000 per square meter. Thus, the house design estimation cost ranges from PHP 1,260,000 – PHP 2,100,000 (USD 25,200 – 42,000). This is just a rough estimation. It is recommended to ask for cost estimates in detail from an Architect, Engineer, or Contractor.

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