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Akira: 2 bedrooms | 1 bathroom | 33 Sq. m.

Everyone loves this next house design idea. Another simple and minimalist concept to choose from. The good thing is it is budget-friendly so that everyone can afford to have a decent home. So why create an affordable house when one could have their extravagant dream house? First and foremost, people choose to for economic reasons. Home is one of the basic needs of an individual.  Such an affordable house is a must for a struggling family to provide shelter to their family members. Practicality wise, this objective can help a starting family to have financial stability, step-by-step. When family members are safe, secure, healthy, and self-reliant, then the aim for financial stability will be achieved. Then one can realize their ultimate dream house if there’s any. Though economical, the materials used should be of standard quality so that your humble home would not be compromised. Thus, avoiding further repair expenses in the next few years to come.

Akira House Model: This small house design idea is a two-bedroom detached house. This design is a semi-conservative-modern design. Its exterior is considerably satisfactory: simple yet smart. It has a gable type of roofing which can help facilitate water drainage during rainfall, hence preventing leaks, and can provide good ventilation. The house interior has also an open layout for the living, dining, and kitchen area to maximize the limited area. Because this has a minimalist design, it can help the residents to have a peaceful and cozy living. The two bedrooms also have this comfortable and snuggly ambiance to provide the residents with a night of restful sleep. A toilet and bath are provisioned for common use. An exit door is provided as well for backyard access and emergency purposes. The windows can provide good ventilation and lighting to aid in energy conservation.

House Plan Details

  • Porch
  • Master’s Bedroom
  • Bedroom
  • Living
  • Dining
  • Kitchen
  • T&B

Labor and Material Estimated Cost

The final build cost depends on the quality of the selected materials and where the building is located. There are two ways of estimating: detailed estimate and area method. We are using the area method since this is the fastest way without detailed drawing. By area method, just calculate the total floor area and multiply it from PHP 15,000 per square meter to PHP 20,000 per square meter. Thus, the house design estimation cost ranges from PHP 495,000 – PHP 660,000 (USD 9,900 – 13,200 ). This is just a rough estimation. It is recommended to ask for cost estimates in detail from an Architect, Engineer, or Contractor.

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