Hello there! Welcome to ARKIX3D. This website was made for people, especially who are looking for online floor plans and house designs. As you can see, ARKIX3D features more Minimalistic designs. It is a response to the many demands of our clients. As more and more people prefer to live in a simple, low budget, yet comfortable home.

Speaking of a low budget design, our team is making sure not to compromise quality. Furthermore, simple design does not mean boring or lifeless. It just means: Aesthetically simple.

A word of advice, please consult an Architect before building your dream house so that efforts, time, and money would not go to waste.

For more inquiries, please contact us thru email: admin@arkix3d.com

Disclaimer: All of the designs are made for inspiration purposes only. Please consider first your actual area and conditions, get some ideas here, and modify the designs according to your actual property.

Thank you for visiting!

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