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8 Ideas To Gain Brightness In A Dark Bedroom

Of course, as adults, we don’t spend our days in our bedrooms. However, when this room is too dark, we are less tempted to spend time there, which is unfortunate, because the bedroom is a cocoon of well-being and softness that welcomes our nights and some of our moments of relaxation.

As for the children, they enjoy playing there, they do their homework and other activities. Difficult to allow them to fully develop in a room that is too dark. Fortunately, there are solutions to gain brightness in a room that lacks light. Here are our 8 ideas!

Idea n ° 1: free up the space around the window

This is the first step to take. Indeed, if the brightness is faulty, you might as well avoid filtering it by cluttering the space around the window. To let in as much natural light as possible, we therefore act indoors and, if possible, outdoors.

Inside, we eliminate everything around the bedroom window. The furniture is pushed back as much as possible to leave a gap of at least 40 cm in front of the window and on the sides. This will allow sunlight to enter the room better without hindrance.

Outdoors, if you have the opportunity to influence the environment, clear the window in the same way as much as possible. Cut back vegetation that can block the passage of light or redesign your balcony if you can.

Idea n ° 2: make the right choices for the color of your walls

To gain brightness in a dark room, you can play with the color of the walls. This is indeed very important to illuminate the room.

On the one hand, we think of white. Not the “white” white, which can make a bedroom feel too cold, but the off-white or slightly beige white. This light color captures the light and reflects it back, which naturally illuminates a dark space.

However, white is not the only option. To bring color and another form of light to your room, paint a wall or one or more wall sections in a warm color. Pink, taupe, red, yellow, orange, green… there are many solutions to bring color and dynamism to your room.

And if you are not satisfied with this solution, you can repaint your room or upholster it in light tones, such as pearl gray, pale pink or pastel shades. Treat yourself, but always keep in mind that there are light colors to catch the light.

Idea n ° 3: opt for a suitable parquet floor and laid in the right direction

If you haven’t already, you can install hardwood floors in your dark bedroom. Opt for light shades if possible, in order to promote a certain luminosity and above all, place it in the direction of the light. To do this, start from your window, which will direct the light into the room and light it down to the floor with ease.

Idea n ° 4: choose light furniture

Obviously, to gain in light, we lighten the furniture and we opt for light tones. In the bedroom, we are satisfied with what is strictly necessary. Big dark cabinets and dark furniture are avoided whenever possible. But don’t get rid of your furniture if you really care about it. You can definitely repaint them in lighter shades, it’s very trendy!

To gain in light, it is also necessary to gain space. To do this, lighten your furniture as much as possible. Think of cupboards built into the wall, practical and functional storage, wall-mounted or suspended shelves, etc. Everything is good to clear the space and bring in as much light as possible without interior obstacles.

Idea n ° 5: we think of mirrors

If the mirror is a nice decoration, it is also an ideal accessory for capturing, reflecting and diffusing light. In a dark room, a well-placed mirror enlarges the scene and brightens the space. Multiply them to diffuse the light in the room or go for a larger model perpendicular to the window and placed where the light enters.

Idea n ° 6: multiply the sources of lighting

If natural light does not penetrate enough into the room, it is necessary to provide suitable artificial lighting. To do this, do not hesitate to multiply the pendant lights, on the walls and on the floor to properly illuminate the room. Depending on your needs, choose warm lights to preserve the cocoon side of your room or opt for luminaires with adjustable intensity (allogenic type). In addition, the lights are a good way to decorate a room with taste and lightness.

Idea n ° 7: we prefer white and light curtains

So that the light penetrates better into the room and that it is diffused in an optimal way, it is preferable to opt for light white curtains, in particular curtains which will be able to dress the window and limit the vis-à-vis without slowing down the passage of exterior light. Indeed, it is often wrong to think that colored curtains bring light, but in reality, they absorb it.

If you don’t like white, you should know that there are superb curtains on a white background adorned with pretty light and colorful patterns, which brighten up the room and customize the curtains without obstructing the light. And if this solution does not satisfy you, prefer curtains in pale colors, such as light pink, light gray, light yellow, beige or even light blue.

Finally, as far as possible, avoid thick blackout curtains or double curtains, which darken the room and slow down the good diffusion of light.

Idea n ° 8: we think of the white carpet

You can do anything to bring light to your dark room with a few bright accessories, even white, cleverly arranged.

The white carpet is a must-have. Color of snow, it illuminates the room and brings a beautiful natural light. And if you don’t like pure white, opt for a rug in light beige or slightly gray tones. However, be aware that the white carpet, plain or light patterns, is very trendy and ultimately not very messy.

Bonus idea: open the room to enlarge it

This bonus idea cannot be achieved everywhere. However, depending on your interior design, you can brighten up a dark bedroom by opening it to an adjoining room to expand the space and benefit from other sources of light.

For example, you can open a master bedroom onto a bathroom reserved for the couple, which is often done in the context of parental suites. Completely break the partition, open the wall in its upper part or have a glass roof… all the solutions are good to gain in light. If your bathroom has a window, it will provide another welcome source of light.

Likewise, if your child’s bedroom overlooks an unused room or a playroom, why not open the partition to save space and light?

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