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6 Secrets An Interior Architect Will Never Tell You Without Paying

You would like to renovate your home or even just add a special touch, but do not currently have the resources to afford expert advice?

In this article, we will share with you some ideas to inspire you, and that an interior architect will never tell you without paying.

Here is what we do as an interior architect:

1. We integrate the staircase into the furniture, to save space

We want to connect the upper floor, but are afraid that the stairs take up too much space? We could take a cue from this proposal by Arch. ANDREA STORTONI, where the landing is integrated into the furniture and acts as a shelf for the TV. It is an easy idea to realize and of great impact, which we could have built by a carpenter expert in stairs.

2. We place the bed above the walk-in closet

We need to furnish a studio apartment but do we want to avoid the usual wooden loft bed with a sofa underneath? Let’s take a look at the functional and design solution conceived by RISTRUTTURAMI’s interior architects, for a small Milanese open space: the bed is inserted above the large box that contains the walk-in closet and the closet and at the same time also acts as a bookcase for the living area. The result is a welcoming and elegant living room, despite its small size.

3. In a long and narrow room we mainly use low furniture

How to furnish a small, long and narrow living room? We are inspired by this proposal of MODULARIS DESIGN AND FURNITURE and we mainly use low furniture, so as not to excessively clutter the visual field and suggest a feeling of greater breadth. Tall furniture – for example the bookcase – is only allowed on the short sides, as we see in the photo.

4. In the kitchen we take advantage of the height with a double row of wall units

Do we have little space in the kitchen for cupboards and pantries? In this kind of situation, interior architects usually suggest exploiting the height with a double row of wall units, as we see in this proposal by STUDIO DIDEA. We could copy the idea and use the extra shelves for those objects that we use less than 3 times a year, such as the good service rather than the equipment for the Fondue Bourguignonne received as a wedding gift, just to name a few. .

5. We use the walk-in closet as a dividing element

We are renovating our house and would like to include a walk-in closet, but our bedroom is not spacious enough? We could take a cue from this project curated by the experts of STUDIO LEMAYR THOMAS and use the walk-in closet as a dividing element between the room and the corridor or the living area, thus saving precious space.

6. We create a glass wall, to separate the kitchen without sacrificing light

We would like to separate the kitchen from the living room, but are we afraid that the environment will then become too dark? We replace the part, or a part, with a glass window, as ANOMIA STUDIO suggests in this example. It is a very trendy idea and widely used by interior architects to divide without sacrificing light.

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