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6 Home Wall Decorating Ideas

 White walls, the most prevalent in all home decorations, and a few people who dare and take the firm decision to change the color or imprint some special prints for the decor, which would help in changing the appearance and renewing the house with various types of properties and their characteristics. Today, Arkix 3D wanted to highlight the top 6 ideas for decorating home walls.

Wall stickers

One of the most important ideas for decorating the walls of the house, it is characterized by relatively affordable prices, easy to use, and can be applied and removed with absolute ease, as well as the variety of shapes and sizes in various colors and materials that help add beauty and elegance to the room.

Use Washi tape

One of the most important and innovative ways to decorate walls in the house, which is a decorative tape used in arts and crafts, and recently it has become fashionable in wall design, by creating different geometric shapes or drawings to give a beautiful and contrasting look at the same time. Washi can also be bought at public libraries or grocery shopping stores.

 Old items

The use of some old elements in the house and use them in designing a very distinctive wall in the middle of the room, for example affixing a large number of movie tickets in a beautiful way on the wall, or collecting a number of personal hats and placing them in a traditional way on the wall, or even hanging jewelry or watches as well, all of this. It will help in designing a distinctive, traditional, and at the same time inexpensive wall, because the elements are originally present in the house.

Paints or wallpaper

An innovative and very easy way and it is considered the most widespread among individuals looking for ideas for decorating the walls of the house, as it has different designs, materials, shapes and colors that make a person stand confused about any decor and design he chooses, and wallpaper is usually applied on one side in the room, that is, it can be said that it is inexpensive and expensive.

In addition to using wall paint and coloring one side of the room or four sides, such as pink for the female room and blue for the male room, which creates an atmosphere of elegance and modernity in the room.

Family photos

Is there more beautiful than collecting family photos that carry beautiful moments in our lives and displaying them in one place, and making them before our eyes all the time to retrieve the most beautiful memories and design a modern and attractive family art exhibition. As for the design, you have to buy some single-color picture frames but in different shapes and insert pictures inside and hang them in a very beautiful and elegant way.

Blackboard wall design

The idea of ​​designing a blackboard on the wall is especially important for homes with young children, in order to display their creativity, explore and interact with them on a daily basis, as it will of course be a creative space that brings together members of the same family. This idea can be implemented in the living room, children’s room, or even in the kitchen.

These were ideas for decorating the walls of the house, especially the wall of the living room, but you, dear reader, must obtain the initial approval of the owner of the property or the developer, in order to avoid falling into the payments and sums of money involved when moving to another house and leaving this house

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