2 Bedroom Bungalow House


What design of the house would you prefer if you ever have been given an option to choose from a specific option list? Would you like a one-story or a double-story house design? Well, we will make you an offer which you won’t refuse. Your dream Bungalow house design may seem just an idea to you, but let us give you some optimism. We have something for you on the table, as we mainly prioritize meeting our customers’ opinions when it comes to building their house. Apart from the assurance of hope, let’s come down to the business of how your house plan can become a reality from a dream. Finally, the moment of having your goals in the cage of imagination has been finished because we are the substitute for making things a reality.


There are now numerous options, as small house design has its perks, while modern house design has its own. But, when you have many options, you always choose what is best for you, and we will make that happen. All you need have to do is choose the idea and leave the rest to us. Look at the featured house below. It’s a modern single-story house with two bedrooms, which is quite good taste for a perfect small family.

The best features of modern house design are probably its elegance and simplicity, also having the characteristic of providing comfort to the people living. The house’s interior can be observed by its aesthetic touch and sophistication, making the home look catchy. The house’s exterior follows a simple structure due to the straight lines, glass windows, and doors.

This might be one of the simple house design ideas, but we are always there for you to choose the best for you if one idea doesn’t match your interest. But you don’t have to worry about such things. You need to contact and share your dream house idea design.

Modern home interior design is made fascinating by using large windows and open-plan layouts. These 20th-century miracles defied convention to provide us with a redesigned home.

Building Cost Estimation

After the design step is over, detailed estimating can be done by an estimator or builder. We can only estimate expenses since we don’t have a complete set of designs. The entire floor area multiplied by the rate per square meter will be calculated using the Area Method of approximate estimating.

There are three types of building finishes to choose from bare, standard, and luxury. The cost of a Bare type house is around US$ 300.00 per square meter, US$ 500.00 per square meter for a regular type, and US$ 700.00 per square meter for a luxury type.


This small house has a total floor area of 188 square meter.

Bare – US$ 300.00 x 188 sqm = US$ 56,400.00 / Php2,820,000

Standard – US$ 500.00 x 188 sqm = US$ 94,000.00 / Php4,700,000

Luxury – US$ 700.00 x 188 sqm = US$ 131,600.00 / Php6,580,000


Mix and combine all you want, but choose a foundational look first. Consider it a compass that can keep you on the right path if you’re feeling unsure about your home’s interior design. Look through the most popular design trends to see which one you like. Strive to be systematic. If you’re careless, you might get carried away by the latest fad or impulsive purchases. But you have to refuse. Please make a picture of the place you desire and keep it in your head at all times. Remember, too, that the transition will take some time until everything is exactly as you want it to be. Even though your house seems a disaster from time to time, remember to take a deep breath. Everything will work out in the end.

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