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10 Natural Decorating Ideas

In this article, we will give you 10 ways to achieve a stylish natural decoration that will make you feel good every day. Let’s go for a quick tour.

Prints with detailed drawings of plants and animals, boats filled with seashells, magnifying glasses, glass bells with precious objects … let naturalism invade your home to create original and charming environments.

1. Neutral green and brown tones to illustrate nature

This decoration is inspired by nature, so we will use its colors as a base: brown, ocher, green, and of course bright white. If you want to give it a more classic look, as if seen in the 18th century, the brown patterns will be your allies with the classic English green. If, on the contrary, you bet on giving it a more modern look, trust white as the basis of your decoration, you will love the result.

With the intense or lighter and more natural wood tones, you will get soothing spaces where you can rest after a long day of work. Just add a touch of green to the lamps, chairs, table …

2. Botanical and animal illustrations

If there is one element that characterizes this style and that cannot be absent, it is the naturalistic plates. Inspired by those created by botanists and naturalists who attempted to capture their findings in this way at a time when new regions of the planet were explored and new species of birds and plants were discovered. The illustrations will bring your walls to life.

Those representing all kinds of insects, butterflies, tropical birds in wonderful colors … all can find a place in your home to make you feel like a true explorer.

It is also a very original style for children’s rooms if you mix animal illustrations with old maps or with photos of dinosaurs… What child is not fascinated by large saurians or the adventures of discoverers? From now on, your room will be the ideal place to let your imagination run free and live wonderful adventures.

3. Bet on wallpapers of naturalist inspiration

Another option is the wallpapers with naturalistic patterns that we see more and more at fairs. Evocative and colorful walls that can look great. There is a wide variety of patterns, including flowers in this type of decoration

But we also find them with patterns like beetles or all kinds of animal species … in bathrooms or in hallways, they can surprise and give a whole new twist to the room.

4. In your natural decoration do not miss your souvenir collections

If you have already traveled you surely have shells, minerals, sand, logs … collected during your travels around the world, the time has come to show them at home!

Take advantage of shelves, sideboards, dressers … or a window sill to display your treasures. Glass jars can be the perfect way to display your treasures. But you can also use boxes, cans and boats.

Another possibility is the glass bells, to create a special corner in any space! They allow us to recreate imaginary worlds but are also ideal for becoming exhibitions of our exploration treasures such as feathers, leaves, nests …

5. The stones are also used to decorate

If you like to collect pebbles and stones, you can also incorporate them into your natural decoration. If you also add a design of butterflies, birds, plants, feathers … you will get a nice effect. Let your imagination be your guide.

6. A natural decoration must include natural materials: wicker, wire, logs, wooden crates…

Nothing better than these materials for a successful decoration that pays homage to nature. You can use wood for its color and composition, which fits perfectly with the interior decoration.

Other elements such as the dream catcher can also decorate a room with elements in harmony with nature. Choose an Indian model for a totally natural decoration.

7. Recycle glass and give it new life

Enjoy old or new glass jars and bottles with original shapes and use them to finish decorating a special corner. Or fill them with flowers and plants and ready to blend in with your decor. If you have old siphons, they are great, or old grandma’s perfume bottles. They are the ideal complement for your natural decoration in a naturalistic style.

Demijohns are all the rage, these large capacity glass or ceramic bottles for liquids, we can find them easily, so don’t miss them. The next time you see one, add it to your crystal collection or combine several different sizes and colors for a beautiful and decorative result.

8. Let butterflies fly all over your house

What nature lover doesn’t love butterflies? These precious beings who dazzle us with their wonderful colors as they fly from flower to flower. Don’t resist them and let them be part of your home, you surely won’t regret it!

In the form of collections for your wall (always paper butterflies or imitations, not real butterflies) they will help you achieve that air of an old naturalistic environment that we are looking for. Or in glass bells or small glass containers, they can also become the center of any room. Visitors surely will not be able to keep their eyes from wandering! Its colors and patterns are irresistible.

9. Bring out your botanical side and add plants and flowers to the decoration

Like a real botanist, he turns a corner of the house into a plant laboratory. Use different types of vases, test tubes, bells… the result will be spectacular and very original.

But you can also use macrame and let them hang from the ceiling or simply use different types of containers joining ceramic and glass for example. Another option that goes very well with this type of decoration are mini-gardens.

10. The final touch: bet on antique objects

It’s time to take out the forgotten objects in the memory box … the naturalistic-style decoration goes perfectly with old objects like those that our grandparents left us as a legacy:

  • Old phones
  • Cameras
  • Typewriters
  • Frames
  • Brass or pewter jugs….

Create your unique corner!

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